Demolition Services

MWL provides complete hazardous material abatement and structural demolition services. Our professionals are knowledgeable and skilled in the demolition of residential houses, large commercial buildings, bridges, institutions, and industrial plants.

No two projects are alike. Whatever the size or complexity of the project, we are able to solve challenges, address issues, and provide sensible cost-effective solutions.

Our expertise also includes selective demolition, the deconstruction of only part of a building to allow for restructure. This would be applicable for heritage buildings where a portion of the building may need to be preserved for heritage value.

With the removal of foundations and concrete, we are able to provide the option of on-site crushing. The material can then be trucked elsewhere or retained on site for future use, such as road base.

MWL has a large fleet of heavy equipment, trucks and trailers, and specialized equipment in a range of sizes ensuring we are capable of handling any project. Our in-house mechanics ensure the fleet is maintained and kept in optimal working condition.

With all projects, we provide the processing, removal and transportation of the demolition debris materials to appropriate disposal facilities.

MWL is committed to promoting a sustainable future by converting demolition waste into reusable resources and diverting recyclable materials from landfills where possible. A Waste Diversion report itemizing the breakdown and percentages of recyclable materials can be provided upon completion of your project.

You can be confident that MWL Demolition Ltd. is able to meet all your requirements; completing projects on-time and on-budget ensuring you can continue building forward into the future.